Essentially, london tourist attractions doubles as historical and a religious site with more than a thousand years of history! The Abbey is a place of daily worship and the tradition started with the Benedictine monks in middle of 10th century. It is important to note that the history of Abbey as a coronation church started in 1066. Moreover, Abbey is a historical site because it contains the remains of seventeen monarchs, who were buried in the site. The complex holds valuable treasures, artefacts and monumental sculptures.


Westminster Palace History


Notably, King Edward the Confessor initiated the construction of a monastery in 1050 and consecrated the Norman Monastery in 1065. However, the only surviving part of the original monastery is the Bayeux Tapestry. The construction of the rest part of the Westminster Abbey started in 1245 when the reigning King at that time, Henry III decided to incorporate the Gothic architecture. The construction ended in ended in 1272.


Fundamentally, the places to visit in london underwent through various modifications. In 1503, the architectures added the Chapel of Henry VII and in 1745, added the West Front Towers. The latest addition of the architecture is the North entrance. Currently, the Abbey holds various components, and that is why it doubles up as a religious and historical site. In fact, the landmark is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Significant coronations of the English and British monarchs took place at the Westminster palace. The coronation takes place on the King Edward’s Chair, which is the throne used by British and English sovereigns. The throne is used on every coronation since 1308. In addition, the abbey is the royal wedding venue, and significant royal weddings took place in the Abbey. For instance, the union between Prince William and Catherine Middleton took place in the Abbey in April 29, 2011.


Furthermore, the abbey is a significant burial location for the noble. Aristocrats were buried inside the chapels; monks were buried in the cloisters, and significant musicians and poets were buried in Chaucer within the Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is also a memorial site for various nobles and influential artists. After the 20th century, most burial did not include the coffins. Rather only cremated remains were buried because of the limited space.


One of the most significant things to do in london is to take a tour in the Abbey and learn about the founder of the Abbey, Sir Edward, the confessor. Tourists can also admire the Quire, which rests on the spot where monks used to sit during worship. The entire tour around the abbey takes approximately ninety minutes. Visitors can access most parts of the abbey without paying any admission fee.


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