Berlin is one of the cities that everyone should have in their bucket list to visit, at least once in their lifetime. The city is a perfect combination of sand and glamour, and this attracts many people. Most people are mesmerised when they discover Berlin due to its vibrant culture, tasty cuisines, rich history and modern architecture. Berlin sightseeing will take you through various historical episodes of the city. Some of the key attractions include the Berlin Place and Berlin Wall, which will surround you while in the city.


Berlin has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, especially for young adults. There are many outdoor activities that you can engage with so as to discover Berlin and its vibrant culture, in great detail. Irrespective of your travel expectations, Berlin will not disappoint. Here are some of attractions that will be part of your Berlin sightseeing:




Everyone who has been to this city will tell you about their experience at the museum Berlin. The Museumsinsel is translated to mean Museum Island and this will take you through the history of ancient Babylon, give you a chance to climb up a Greek Altar or just enjoy the amazing landscapes.


This is one of the most valuable Berlin sightseeing attractions in Berlin. It has collections that are believed to be more than 6000 years old, in the form of artefacts, art, sculpture and architectural pieces from different parts of the world.


Berlin Wall


Even those who have never been to Germany, they will tell you that they have an idea of the Berlin wall. This is the initial stage to discover Berlin, and it extends for a length of 1.4 kilometres. Some of the attractions that have been included on in the wall include escape tunnels, multimedia stations, panels, a monument and a chapel among other attractions that would be part of Berlin sightseeing.


Brandenburg Gate


The Brandenburg Gate is a constant reminder of the division that was brought by the cold war. However, today the gate is the epitome of the reunification of Germany, and the inspiration was borrowed the Acropolis in Athens. The gate serves as the guard to the Pariser Platz and is a great attraction to see.


Neue Synagoge


In your quest to discover Berlin, you should visit the Neue Synagoge. The glowing gold dome attracts tourists from a great distance. This is a symbolic to the Jewish community in Germany. It was the largest synagogue in Germany until it was transformed to be a museum Berlin.


Potsdamer Platz


This was considered to be a great masterpiece in the architectural world, back in the 1990s. There are many attractions including the glass-tented Sony Centre, offices, apartments, hotels, theatres and so much more at the Potsdamer Platz.


Berlin sightseeing will give you a chance to interact with the great history of Berlin, and Germany at large. There are so many attractions in this city, and this is why it has gradually risen to become one of the best tourist destinations in Europe.


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