The biggest worries of a young adult or a teenager that you face at this time are the appearances of pimples or acnes on your face. There is nothing to worry or to feel shy of when you have such developments on your beautiful face as with the change in hormones and the pangs of growing up into an adult such things are bound to happen. With the advancement of medical science, there are some ways of Acne Facial Las Vegas in which you can treat acnes and pimples on your face.     

Understanding the type of acne you have would help you a lot in choosing the particular treatment you want to undergo. There are different types of acnes, and the most common of them all is the Blackheads. Mostly found in the nasal area they look like tiny patches of black lumps on the nose which are usually the result of a blocked follicle. The dead skin and other harmful bacteria and substances clog the follicle and reach the surface reacting with the oxygen resulting eventually in a blackhead. Similarly, there are white heads which are mainly caused due to the clogging of oil glands due to excessive production of oil.    

Papules acnes are another kind of acne which are inflamed red spots or bumps that appear on the skin. This may result in scarring if you pick up on the rashes. Another type of inflamed acne is the Pustules which feels hard when touched and are usually filled with pus. The color of the pustules is white with a yellowish tinge at the center of it. If you feel like bursting it ten, it might leave a dark spot or may even lead to permanent scarring. Acnes which are larger than pustules and papules are called nodules which are painful bumps on the skin having no pus inside but are hard to touch.

Cysts are found in the neck area, and such acnes are deep, big and are full of pus. These are serious acnes and needs immediate attention of the doctor as it is very painful to touch. Fulminans are also a type of acne which are commonly seen on younger men and is often accompanied by fever and joint pains which are the common symptoms. These acnes also leave scars on your face. Another such type of acne is called the Mechanica which is a result of excessive heat in the skin and constant friction between it and is seen most commonly in sports people and people wearing helmets or caps.      

Rosacea is another type of acne which appears as rashes red in color on the chin and neck area and are quite similar to the acne vulgaris. PyodermaFaciale is severe acne which is the combination of pustules and nodules and is primarily seen in women who are within the age group of twenty to forty years. Conglobata acne is found in male and female and is a lesion found in the chest and upper arms and buttocks and leads to permanent scars.  

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