It is essential to evaluate how much you have learned, and that is the reason you have so many tests and exams conducted by various schools and universities from time to time. It is better to introspect at times before you sit for an exam or face an interview. In such cases, individualized achievement test module designed by Avi Wachsler can be very helpful to you. All the utilities of other individualized achievement test are shared in it, and the uses are varied to enumerate and evaluate. If you think why it is necessary, then you must know that there are idiosyncratic reasons as it is not the most commonly used test.   

The first important reason to take this test is to monitor the progress from time to time and therefore it is necessary that the same measures are not used over and over again as it would not facilitate proper evaluation. It would simplify interpretation of scores, and no one would guess that the test has already been taken. Also, the quality of the module is superior which why you should use it for self-evaluation. It is not true if you are thumbing through a catalog of test materials or are left uninitiated. All the tests are according to the norms, and it is not just a test of your intelligence. It is rather an individual’s test of achievement and is very easy to use. It is also equally effective in determining the level of skill in a child depending on the norms of the test and then comparing the result with other children of the same age.

You would get a variety of norms to assess and is administered in a very simple manner to the IQ scales. The formats are easy to understand, and you get familiar with the administration of the IQ tests. It flows well and is better to get more useful information about your achievement. Both your listening skill and reading comprehension and learning skill are adjudged well by such tests, and it helps to identify learning disabilities if any. Comparison of the scores is also easy to others as you get individualized scores for each test conducted.

The presentation of items is also easy and simple with each item at a time, and there is no time limit for answering except for the written expression subtest. Provided with standard scores and percentile rank which is based on either on the age of the student or the grade, it is the best test to conduct to introspect. The age separation is also very reasonable with four-month interval for age groups between four to thirteen and then gradually increasing the interval to one year for age group 14 to 16 and so on. 

The norms are different for different grades like there norms of fall, winter, and spring for primary classes till eighth standard and full year norms for ninth to twelfth grade. This test helps in differentiating between educational disabilities from neurological disorders. Therefore, through this proper and effective tool for evaluation, you can know exactly where you stand.

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