Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP therapy is extensively used for hair loss treatment and you can have all the benefits of it when you know about the facts of such therapy beforehand. There are a lot of advantages of having PRP Hair Las Vegas as they are the painless, non-surgical and very simple procedure to treat active and excessive hair loss with effective and permanent results showing in a very short time. The treatment itself takes a short time about one to one and a half hour which involves multiple injections which are entirely safe providing results with a head full of natural hair and needs a very short recovery time as well.    

In this process, your PRP is injected into the scalp with the help of a very thin needle. It helps in stimulating the growth factor within your blood cells, and your head is covered with new and natural hair growth. This treatment is suitable for both males as well as female suffering from hair thinning or extensive hair loss and is done in state of the art clinics. The cost of such treatment may be a factor, and it depends on the number of sessions required to cover your head but what price can be compared with the beautiful look along with the confidence that you would have after undergoing such treatment. 

It a non-surgical painless procedure and takes very little time to complete. You would be given topical anesthetic before starting, but if you are apprehensive, you can also choose the other alternatives like general anesthesia or any intravenous sedation method. There is also no risk in such treatment as newer, and better cutting edge technology is used for the entire process. The chances of any allergic reactions are eliminated as the patient’s own blood plasma is injected in the scalp. There are a concentrated number of white blood cells used in the PRP which acts as natural resistors to infections.

The working procedure of this treatment is very simple where the doctor draws around 20 cc of blood and then treats in in a centrifugation machine where it is separated into three different layers. The layer which is richer with the plasma content is then taken and injected into your scalp by multiple injections. The essential proteins for growth within that rich plasma do the rest of the job. The entire process is done under strict supervision of a qualified surgeon in an operating theater so that proper sterilization and monitoring of the heart could be done.     

You would not have to sit for long in each session provided the area to be covered is not significantly huge. You may have to repeat the treatment after every three to six months for the best result, but that entirely depends on your needs and plan. It is for all these beneficial features of PRP treatment such therapy is the most favored choice for people suffering from excessive hair loss with effective hair restoration. PRP therapy is so successful that it is combined nowadays with other hair treatment procedures as well.

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