We all must be acquainted with the field of entrepreneurship. Well, it is that word which describes making a business out of nothing and creating job opportunism for others. It has recently flourished when the demand for jobs increased and selection ratio of men seeking jobs increased. Entrepreneurs are people who work their best in order to sell their idea and make a full fledges company out of it. Today, many countries are encouraging the ideas and promoting them to move forward with the abilities to form a big corporate giant. But there are a few hurdles which all the entrepreneurs come across in their starting phase. Some of the biggest hurdles will be discussed by us below.

The first and foremost problem faced by today’s entrepreneurs is funding. No matter how string their idea is or how strongly they present their idea in front of any investor always thinks thrice before investing in any company. Recent founder of the blockchain 3.0 technology had faced a same situation, but somehow they got good funding and today their business is the future which has exited many of the banks. In block chain, data is made into blocks and then bound together in their hierarchical order. Then the blocks are converted into a chain using sophisticated algorithms. The biggest advantage which has excited many banks is that it becomes very difficult for hackers to hack the system, thus, an enhancement in technology and the way we process our private data on computer.

Crowd funding is a new type of way of gathering funding from the people. The difference between the ordinary way of getting funding and crowd funding is that in crowd funding, you receive a small amount of money from many people instead of asking for huge money from one person. So that small amount of money accrues slowly with time and you get thousands and millions of bucks as a result. A Crowdfunding platform is that which acts as a broken between you and the people and does transaction of money through its website. The advanced platform uses block chain technology, which is a latest technology, which ensures a secure transaction of money, so you don’t have to worry about the security of these services.

Talking about advancement of technology, there is one another idea of changing the way we ask something from internet. A new technology called internet 3.0 is being developed. The thing that distinguishes ordinary web from internet 3.0 is the way we ask internet and the way it searches. In this advancement of internet we can search multiple lines by joining them together in a literal way. The search engine will interpret all those lines, analyze them, and come up with all the solutions in a single search. If you are somewhere sitting and want a burger and train schedule at the same time, you don’t have to do two searches on the internet, you can search both searches by combining them in a single line and internet will come up with an instant solution.


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