Any storyteller will agree that, yes, your primary footage is the skeleton of your film, but your B-Roll footage is the glue that makes it stay together and not fall. And this not only applies to documentaries, for you need B-Roll footage to give perspective to your story; it hides transitions, it gives information –through establishing and insert shots-, and it adds some rhythm to a piece that could be long and tedious otherwise.
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Having B-roll is the only way to keep your story alive and your audience interested. Every filmmaker knows that the quality of your B-roll can really save (or kill) your project.

Now, to be honest, shooting B-roll footage for a long length film could mean a whole production in itself and this is completely fine if you have the time and money to travel, meet all sorts of logistics costs, and maybe even pay a second crew… Not to mention this is exhausting, especially if you already invested most of your money, time, effort, energy, and ideas in creating your primary footage.

This is why we are talking to you, the independent video producer out there, you that might have already found the perks of using royalty free video footage in your productions. No need to lie here, because for as much as you love the production process (oh, don’t we all?) it always comes to a time when your true inner desire answers to the wrap up.

While looking for royalty free video clips that fit your projects you could run into some annoying issues. We’ve been spending too much time looking for different videos from different film stock video footage sources, then tweaking each clip in post-production to make them all coexist in the same color palette, shooting style, lighting techniques and whatnot. And the price you are actually paying for each individual clip is unnecessarily high.

We thought, “what if we could offer B-roll packages that provides video producers with all the shots they need to fully cover one topic at a reasonable price?” is a specialized B-roll stock footage library founded by professionals in the industry that understand your needs and can guarantee high quality B-roll packages that will meet your production needs with a single download. Each one of our handpicked collections has been pre-conceived to serve one specific goal.

Basically, for the average price of one clip in the most popular royalty free stock footage video websites, you can purchase one of our extremely high quality B-roll packages.

How can we offer such a good price, you ask? Well, as most of independent filmmakers and video producers, our contributors know how to work on a budget rather than getting paid by the hour. Therefore, they are able to use their creativity in order to make such an efficient use of their time that it allows us to offer you this unbeatable deal. We give tools and advice to our contributors for them to be able to make wonderful pieces at the lowest production cost possible.

The cost of one single clip in any of the major royalty free video websites could get you a whole set of 4 clips from The best part is that the clips inside these B-roll packages are ready to coexist together, perfectly fitting your project and saving you hours and hours of research and post-production, hours and hours that you can spend making more money.

Each B-roll package features a short demo to show you how well these clips can live together, come and check them out. We will see you back again.

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