We know that we all love pets and dogs are on the top list. With ever emerging dog market in the world, new breeds are coming which are made by breeding two species together. French Bulldogs are one of those species which are a blend of two species and are old as well. If you have interest in dogs and you are thinking of buying it, then we will tell you why it is a wise choice to buy a French bulldog. Without further ado, let us get started.

French bulldog is a breed that is very special among other breed of dogs. These dogs are also known by the name of Frenchie. French bulldogs initially belonged to England, but they were taken in masses by lace makers of France. It all happened during the industrial era. Biologically, they are a combination of Bulldog and Terriers. This dog is muscular and amazing with tiny living area. Their body is small in size with usually weighing around 25 pounds. Their height is around 12 inches and coat is short and fine layered. The soft skin usually hangs around the body especially on the head and shoulders. Sometimes, wrinkles can also be seen on the body. As far as color of the dog is concerned, white is the most common color of this dog. However, other colors are also seen with these dogs. Although they require training and extensive care in the beginning, but what French bulldogs give you back is extra rewarding for the owner. As far as personality of these bulldogs goes, they are playful and courageous. They love attention like a child and always wan themselves to be the centre of attraction. They are very loyal and kindly but can be demanding and full of attitude at times. Maintenance is little on their body. Only regular brushing and bathing is required and your dog will be fresh again. This breed likes to eat a lot. They might also get aggressive when anyone comes around them while they are eating.

As far as French Bulldog Training goes, this breed is a little conserved in nature. They are persistent many times and thus tough to train, and may have a problem learning to do things on the owner’s orders. As it is a universal truth that humans start learning things at very small age. The mire they learn during childhood, the better they become during mature ages. In a similar way, it is better advised to train these dogs from a very tinder age. They will learn the basic commands in little age which will help them in getting trained when they grow up. It is very important for these dogs to agree with basic commands. Puppy courses are available in market and are very best ways to make this breed social in the world.

For more information about training your Frenchie, you will have to check for the nearest dog training centre in your city. you can also check their websites for their training services.

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