Today, we are living in a world where technology has improved at an unprecedented rate. The advent of internet and technology resulted in flourish of new things of cinema and photography. Amongst all other advancements in the world of technology, cinema has shown an excellently growth. If we go fifty years back, we would see that neither there was clear music nor colored print. But within a very little span, music has become electronic and colored prints have been converted into high definition prints. But there are some basic things that still remain same. Clapperboard was used fifty years ago and it is being used here too. The demand for clapperboard never went down, no matter how high the technology developed. If you are a budding movie director looking for decent clapperboard, then we have found some important things for you. So without further ado, let us tell you some important things about clapperboards.

Clapperboards were initially not used while making movies. Director simply used to say action for actors to come into action. They were used to help in synchronizing of picture and sound and also to designate particular scenes during the production. After some years, printed clapperboards were introduced for noting information. They were also used so that their clapping could indicate actors to come into action without the command from directors.

Slowly with passage of time, time code clapper boards were introduced which used to show useful information. This information included shot number of a particular scene, current time of the day, and other useful information according to director's choice. Traditional Hollywood clapperboards includes a wooden slate and slapstick fixed with the top of the slate. Today’s clapperboards use pair of wooden stick on the top whiteboard or acrylic glass. The advantage of these kinds of clapperboards is that they do not require additional lighting from camera side to make it legible. It includes scene number, camera angle, number of takes etc in American style. As far as European clapperboards are concerned, they include slate number, number of takes, camera shooting for multiple camerassetup.

Now-a-days, acrylic clapperboard is widely used in all the movies making scenes. Usual dimension include eleven inches width, seven and half inches tall, and resolution of six hundred dpi. It also includes reverse printing with ultraviolet ink for amazing color saturation and depth. The material is powder coated and rounded hinges external type for easiness and customizable force.

If you are looking to buy one clapperboard for you, then we would recommend you to buy it from online stores. There are many online stores which provide high quality Denecke clapperboard at very cheap and affordable price. They also give a limited period guarantee of acrylic stuff and material of made. All you have to do is to select your favorite clapperboard of ideal material and color. Once you book you board, enter your address and the online store will deliver the product to your doorsteps. We strongly advise you to compare the boards before buying from any particular store.


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