A guitar is made up of different scales, and it is essential for a guitarist to know about all the scales just as it is important to know the grammar of any language to speak properly. Scales are the grammar of a guitar and if you intend to play the guitar perfectly then it is inevitable that you learn the language of music to bring out the true sound of music. Every guitar lesson starts with chords and not the notes which are commonly believed. Chords are just the words of music, and as they are immediate, it becomes all the more important to learn about it. 

It is just like a child learns to speak ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’; you also must know about the chords G, C, and D as well. It may be enough to know if you confine your words to Key of G and no more but to talk explicitly and well on the guitar you have to know more complex and intense things. This is where the scales come in. These scales are just like the alphabets of any language and can make all the difference in chord progression and accompaniment. The tone of the guitar and the tune is set perfectly with the scales. You can add trinkets and twiddles to the rhythm if you have proper knowledge of scales. 

To determine whether a particular note is flat or not is the best thing to learn in music. You would be able to distinguish between a Phrygian and a Lydian mode of a scale and set the perfect mood of the tome that you are playing. Then there are the connotations of the scales which you must know which are a completely different thing to learn. Whether it is hard rock or not, even blues and jazz have all their styles and tones well-defined entirely with the help of scales. It is the most dominant part of a music structure, and without the knowledge of scales to the truest sense, you cannot play the guitar effectively.   

There are different types of scales which are commonly known as Major and Minor scale. Other scales are dominant, Harmonic minor, Lydian Dominant, pentatonic and so on that enables you to construct a different set of chords with it a variable structure which is the interval between the notes of the scales. Knowing the difference would help you to transform the vocabulary of the music by translating it into conscious choice and better technique and know the type of note which is required to be played.

Therefore, it can be said that scale is the most important tool in giving music the proper and required shape so that it appears soothing to the ears and mind as well. You have the right understanding with the ability to recall and know the relationship between notes and chords to set the right mood for music for the right mind of the environment. The composition of music, making an interesting rhythm, creating a roadmap for soloing, knowing different melodies becomes easy and you become the master guitarist.  


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