Search engines are regularly announcing updates to provide better results to business companies using SEO services Jacksonville. After the announcement of the mobile friendly ranking signal business organizations have started changing their websites to more responsive designs that would support various devices. The most significant intention behind such announcement is that the search engines have understood the importance and extensive increase in mobile smartphones and therefore they want the users to access them easily. This sudden surge has resulted in providing quality content to the websites with texts which are easily readable and very clear CTAs. This would further result in improved and better mobile using experience.

Various search engines also announced penalizing websites that have contents which hinder online users when they want to access a website through their mobile phones. Such penalties include lowering of the rank of the website since and after January next year. Such strategy would surely affect SEO Jacksonville services as there would be no more problem in accessing any information on the internet as a result of any unusual pop-ups. In such a case it is a very bad mobile experience, and this is what “Intrusive Interstitials” actually mean. This results in fast accessing of information which would be flawless.  

The main intention behind such update is to simply the process of searching through mobile phones and to reach to even a greater audience as a mobile phone with and internet connection is something which is extensively in use and available to almost everyone. Mobile users can read web pages more conveniently in their handsets and get the best results for optimization Jacksonville. Search engines have noticed several web pages that show intrusive interstitials to the mobile users with some visually obscured material. It causes considerable frustration to the mobile users resulting in leaving the website which does not provide maximum optimization of search engines.

Such pages provide the worst experience when it is compared with the pages which have relevant contents which are easily accessible as well as readable. As the screen of a mobile is much smaller as compared to other devices like computers and tabs, intrusive interstitials ruin the effectiveness of the SEO and also result in less viewership. Penalties would be given to any pop ups which hides any content at any time immediately after logging in or during the time of viewing. This affects internet marketing Jacksonville adversely which is not desired by any SEO company.

Any annoying interstitial which is standalone which the user has no other choice rather than discard before a user can access an intended content. Any use of layouts which looks similar to a standalone interstitial will also be penalized in the future by the search engine. But it would be wrong to say that entire process would be affected and required to be changed as this would not be considered for interstitials which are like cookies or as legal obligations, login dialogs and much more. Therefore, to have a better result and to provide the users with a better and result in oriented viewing stick to the upcoming changes that are required by the search engines.      

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