Driving under the influence commonly referred to as DUI, is considered to be a very serious crime in Florida. This may result in very serious penalties, which may affect the execution of daily tasks. It is almost impossible to perform daily tasks, without driving. When you are arrested driving while intoxicated, you should contact a Jacksonville DUI lawyer immediately.  The lawyer will evaluate all the facts of the case and can swing the outcome of the whole process in your favor.


DUI Cases are Quite Serious


Please, not that DUI cases are not as easy as most people tend to assume. The law enforcement agencies work very hard to ensure that you get the maximum punishment for this offense. As such, you should find an experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer to handle the case so that they can put a very strong defense. As long as you have a good lawyer on your side, you will have very little to worry about.


Responsibilities of a Jacksonville DUI Lawyer


It is the responsibility of the lawyer to ensure that sue process was followed when being arrested. He will also try and check if there were any inconsistencies in the process and if the breathalyzer is accurate. Experienced lawyers do not bother trying to convince the judge that you were not intoxicated; they find a way out of the whole mess, by tearing into the charges and the legal loopholes that exist. In most cases, a Jacksonville DUI lawyer will be able to convince the courts that the breathalyzer is not fully reliable and as such, it cannot be trusted. 


Objective of the DUI Lawyer


The main objective of the lawyer is not to show that you were not drunk when you were arrested. In most cases, they will seek to convince the jury that the tests that were conducted are reliable and cannot be trusted. This will only be possible if you hire an experienced Jacksonville DUI lawyer. Facts and figures are quite critical in this case, and this is what a professional Jacksonville DUI lawyer will use to defend your case. The biggest mistake that you can ever make in such cases, is hiring an inexperienced and incompetent lawyer to represent you. This may end up with you paying hefty fines or even serving a jail term.


Now that you know how serious DUI cases are if you are arrested for driving under the influence, you should contact Malcolm Anthony as your Jacksonville DUI lawyer. With his 25 years of experience in DUI cases, you can be sure that the ruling will be in your favor. The outcome of your DUI case will be determined by the choice of the Jacksonville DUI lawyer. Malcolm Anthony has a great track record that you can bank on.

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