Your property value is ever increasing, but Robbie Rothenberg suggests that there are some key elements which you should look after and take care of to increase the resale value of your property even more. When anyone buys a house especially, the amount of the resale value comes to the mind always. Therefore, knowing the areas in which you need to spend more on your house that you are currently staying may fetch you a few thousands of dollars more. The renovation is one such element of concern, but it requires a lot of planning so that you do not blow out your entire budget for renovation in a specific part and neglect the others.  

When you want to sell off your house, you must have a house which does not reflect any bad taste to the potential buyer because few areas still required renovation. Therefore, planning your renovation is extremely important. You should not ever decide to go forward with cosmetic renovation and neglect the structural renovation required for the electrical and plumbing issues in the house. These are the most important part of renovation and should be taken care of at first. It is essential to repair the foundation of the area you need to renovate so that there is no recurrence of the issues. 

You should also match and be specific about your renovation job so that there is no chance of any disconnect even after spending a considerable amount of money. Just imagine how new and wonderful granite top looks on a forty-year-old cabinet in your bathroom. Such renovations are useless and not even considered as valuable upgrades and would certainly not increase any value. Any potential would argue that it would have to be redone entirely and therefore bargain with the price quoted by you for your beautiful house and try to pay less. 

Take smart decision even when you have a limited budget. In such cases, it is best that you renovate your house consistently so that the cost of renovation does not reach to unmanageable proportions and has to be left unattended causing even greater damage to your property. Doing some mild changes regularly like painting a single room or changing the dashboards and other fixtures may help you a lot in this matter. This way the cost of renovation would be limited to a few hundred dollars rather than thousands while it would effectively increase the resale value of your property.

You may also look after the floor of your house by changing the traditional floors to more functional ones who would certainly increase the resale value, or you can just tear a wall to create that extra bit of openness in the layout. Sticking to the designs and fixture that will appeal to the masses while renovating your house for selling is important as you would not stay there anymore and therefore it is not required to design it according to your choice. Therefore, stick to your plan of renovation according to your budget so that you are not left with an undone or half-finished kitchen.         

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