If you look around you, you will not find a thing in which technology is not used for the effective result in some way or the other.  Be it production and manufacturing, business and commerce, sports or even education for that matter. Technology is meant for the betterment of life for humankind and since the Stone Age man has been striving hard to make it better and better for the most beneficial use of it. In your daily life technology plays an important role and you can see it when you use the simple hammer to the more complex computer today. 

Technology has helped humankind to take an informed and easy decision fast and deal with any situation. With the advancement of it and the rampant use of technology, you may tend to think that the newer generation is better in this field as compared to the older ones, but it is not true. It is felt by Antony Gordon that though technology is somewhat indispensable in today’s life, it was there all along human existence. Everyone from the Neanderthals to the latest generation has used it as and when available. Compared to time and the degree of development in the field of technology, every generation can be said equally effective and good in using it.

Sometimes you may feel it a bit strange that your grandfather does not know how to use a smartphone, but in his time he was good in using the old traditional phone which you may find equally strange if given to you today. This is the consequence of the rapid development of technology and information and the spread of it in the field of education. Some colleges and universities offer different kinds of IT education, and it enables the younger generation to know about the latest developments and the effective use of it. You are not only kept abreast with the development but also given proper training for effective handling of it through various practical classes which were not available before. 

It is this training that has polished you up and enhanced your expertise. You now know how precisely to use different techniques and tools and to find solutions to any problems within a very short time. There are different teaching modules as well which are developed and regularly improved to impart better knowledge among the students about technology. Once again to prepare the effective modules for teaching technology is used. This improvement keeps the interest of the students ever growing, and they crave to know more about it. 

There are no blackboard and chalk and duster teaching followed. They have been replaced by smart boards and tablets, which again is the result of the development of technology, to teach in a cloud computing environment. It is not only affordable and simple, but it creates a huge impact in the mind of the students as visual teaching is better than anything else and can be retained by them for a long time creating better motivation among students and teachers as well.

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