Transformation into visualization method of coaching in the field of science and education has brought radical changes in learning. Now more and more tools and techniques are used to impart knowledge to students who find it easy to understand and also easy to retain for a longer period. There are several types of research and conferences held by Antony Gordon to spread awareness about the fact more and more among people. This radical change in the field of education has been brought in the recent past. It has facilitated rapid improvement in education by facilitating changes in teaching modules and techniques as well.  

Visualization in science and education continues to challenge the vibrant and cohesive community which is interdisciplinary and also continue to explore newer, better and more ways of visualization of concepts, data, and phenomena, both simple and complex ones. It has been ever dedicated to finding out ways which can be best used to make students understand better and also facilitate learning across all levels. It has huge computational power, ability to work with large sets of data using various online tools that are available for all disciplines in the field of education.

Even for the general public, on the whole, it has impacted a lot. Visualization has dramatically changed the ways and even made every process of creation better and economical. It has also changed the historical practices of science and education related to science in a huge way.    There are different ways in which visualization has profoundly redefined the shapes and roles of the community of science at large. First, you have to know about the different collaborative, social and immersive online environments and investigate them before incorporating them to create newer and better kind of scientific communities which would affect research as well as learning in a huge way.

Some people have dedicated their valuable time, effort and knowledge for this purpose and present their research and perspectives from time to time in front of the ever inquisitive students. Their creation and the use of the visualization module are either in two-dimensional or three-dimensional representations. This enables students to see as well as understand the natural phenomena across the whole cosmos which includes virtual environments, simulations, and even games. It enables group discussions, debates and conversations on various issues which go beyond the boundaries of creation and its application. Each session of such particular emphasis on integration of educational researchers and cognitive scientists facilitates such improvement. It enables to create newer and better structures and modules for research and development among the interdisciplinary and international research teams.

With the increased rate of change in the society, it is easy now to address social nature of research and learning and is also very important. It creates a potential impact on the society with historical, philosophical and sociological perspectives of science facilitating a deeper exploration of the nature of science and learning. Therefore, with such huge impact and beneficial factors, visualization has crossed the spectrum of cognitive and neurosciences, physical and biological sciences, computer science, geosciences, psychology and social sciences, engineering and mathematical sciences, and even scientific research.

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