Real estate investment is an old practice of land ownership. People invest their money buying a property and rent it out to make money. In this case the owner which is the landlord will be responsible for the payment of the mortgage, taxes and every other cost of maintaining the property. However, the landlord who is the owner of the property then charges enough in other to cover all the initially mentioned expenses and make gain in the process, also a landlord may decide to charge more in other to make money monthly but the most common of all strategies is for the landlord to be patient and charge reasonable money so as to cover expenses until the mortgage is paid there by majority of the rent becomes profit, which makes real estate investment a good and lucrative business. Also, as time goes on the property may also have appreciated in value in due of the mortgage leaving behind the landlord with a more valuable asset


There are cases where you experience blasphemy on the faces of what sounds to be an ideal investment. You can unfortunately find yourself with a bad tenant who damages your property or, worse still, end up losing all tenants. This make you lose money and end up with negative monthly cash flow and this will make you scramble to cover your mortgage payments. Another thing is finding the right property, you would love to pick an area where vacancy rates are reasonably low and find a place that people will want to commit themselves into renting an apartment. However the basic differences between a rental property and some other types of real estate investment are the amount to time you devout to maintaining your investment. If you invest in stocks it will surely sit in the brokerage and hopefully increases in value, but if you invest  your money in rental properties, you will be faced with a lot of responsibilities being the landlord for example if the furnace suddenly stops orking in the midnight you will be the first to get a phone call. These responsibilities may not bother you most especially if you get a professional property manager who would be glad to take care of the problems off your hands for a reasonable amount.


Real estate trading

This aspect is a wild side of real estate investment. Just like the day traders who are leagues away from a buy-and hold investor. Real estate traders are entirely a different breed from the buy-and-rent landlords. This group of people called real estate investors are of the opinion of buying a property and for a short period of time which is mostly not more than three to four months and they come back to sell off the property simply for profit. This system of business is mostly referred to as property flipping. In this situation property flippers buy properties that are either significantly of low value or those that are in a very hot market.


The pure property flippers don’t ever put any part of their money into a house for improvements; their mode of investment have the intrinsic value to turn a profit with no alteration else they will not give it a consideration. This flipping system is a short-term investment. In a situation where a property flipper gets caught in a situation whereby he or she could not unload a property, this will be devastating, the reason being that investor doesn’t keep enough cash that can pay for mortgage on a property for the long term. This can as well leads to future lose for a real estate trader who is unable to quickly put the property up for sale in a bad market situation.



These set of investors make their own money buying properties at a very low price and make the property appreciate by renovating them and adding things that makes it have more value before the now put it up for sale. This kind of investment can be a long term investment depending on the extent of improvements. The only thing that limits this kind of investment is that it is time consuming and mostly allows investors to take one property at a time.


Investing In real estate is all about trying to make money, most especially the world we are today that the world is everyday getting civilized we tend to love material things which is one thing that mostly occupies our mind. However, the benefits that real estate’s investment provides make sense than what we always have in mind, at the initial stage when we don’t have access to invest in real estate; working on how best to invest is obviously no doubt a good option when trying to save and earn money in return


In conclusion, there are lots of ways to invest and make money in the real estate niche and what is missing is massive action from your own part. If you take massive action and start hunting your own way for ideal real estate investment. You will not make money from the real estate niche if you don’t make an offer, while for some reason this looks like the biggest hurdle for most investors of today. Fire, aim and ready is a good approach is to making a good offer in real investment business. You don’t need to stress yourself in trying to figure out what the perfect offer will be, just make one.


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