Every business deals with information that is significant to the success and growth of an enterprise. Hence, ensuring the security of this information that is stored in your database is of vital importance. The integrity and confidentiality of this information might be the reason for continued success of the company. As hackers are increasing day by day, there are several ways through which your security system can be breached through some unauthorized access, theft and system failure. You need software that is reliable and compatible to respond to every emergency situation like Secured Box. It will ensure that your data is protected from any external intrusion securing the infrastructure of your database and information.

This advanced software named as Secured Box is the ultimate solution to all your business security needs. Previously, you had to allocate different software that addressed each security requirements like encryption of data and securing other forms of information like video calls and chatting. However, that was before this high-end software became functional. Now, addressing several technological and informative security needs has become a smooth process. You can now just install single software in your data base that will ensure that every facet of it is duly protected without much critical process for initiation.

One of the primary features of this software is encrypted storage facility for your data. The data generated from the files will be saved in the database in an encrypted form. Through several coding, it will be secured so that no outsider can access it whenever and from wherever. You can also store and share files with its personalized data storage security system. As accidents are out of your control, make sure that the safety of your valuable business information is well within your reach. The encrypted drive will store all your files with easy retrieve and sharing options.

Moreover, the encrypted video calls have made communication with sixteen people at a time, preserving the data well within your business infrastructure. Connecting with your business associates is thus, made to be a smooth process as, there is not much requirement apart from the email addresses that will readily connect you with your peers. After entering the email address, you will receive a special link that will enable all communication to take place through a secure channel. You will get an access card to the virtual conference room where you can discuss business privately. These customizable options have made, taking business decisions is a quick way.

The Securedbox is designed to create a virtual safe room where you can carry out each company activity without the worry of breach or treason. Every option will be under your control and due to its encrypted format, it will be impossible for hackers to identify the type and purpose of the data. Another unique feature of this box is that it does not record the chat and video calling for the others to access. Hence, the activities that will be carried out in the conference room will stay well within the people involved.

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