The impact of Securedbox is far greater for your company than you can expect. It is designed to save data from getting lost or breached. Security breach can be a stressful situation for your company, as you will not only lose the critical information, but will have a direct impact on the competitive notion and cash flow of your firm. In addition to this, it can also lead to loss of reputation as well. It takes years for a business to get established and one single moment of theft and intrusion in your system can result in a loss that will be hard to replace and retrieve.

There is also certain information that is shared with other companies. It is also your duty to look into the fact that that information is protected accordingly. Incorporating Securedbox in your system will let you be in charge of every situation that is associated with security issue. Though the internet has replaced the traditional means of exchanging paper-based information, but it has its own issues that you can control with this single software. All your sensitive information will be free from loss and theft such as price lists, information about intellectual property and catalogues. You can deal with your associates in a trouble free channel without any hindrance like redirecting of links and others.

Once your information is breached, it poses not only a serious threat to your organization, but also is an expensive process to set everything back to normal. But Secured Box has its unique features that will address every issue providing a one-time solution. Being an entrepreneur of the company, you will have full liberty to decide when you will let others access your files and information. This privilege of the box respects your privacy and makes sure that others do too. The option like file history will notify you of every activity as to who and when uploaded or down loaded a file into your system.

All encrypted video calls information is stored on the hard drive of the box at your office. You can access this data as a public cloud with full control over it. With easy retrieval process, you can see the versions of files that were previously stored in the database. Even though unfortunate incidents happen in the business world, there is nothing anyone can do anything about it. However, things are different with the box as even if it gets stolen, the burglars will not be able to get access to your files as the system uses an innovative decoding system that can only be accessed through only through your personal access key.

Apart from the encrypted storage, the file dropping feature enables your client to transfer the data to your box by using a secured website. The clients will get a special link where they can upload the information at their preferred time. Files will be automatically encrypted and secured in the cloud drive from where it will be visible to your clients. It is not only you that will be benefitted from this system, but your customers will also be a part of it.

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