Human suffers from many problems in their day to day lives, but if not solved properly and in the shortest period of time, this will lead to other various problems. Here we are going to talk about Dissociative Identity disorder which can’t easily manipulate the life of anybody.

This problem is very serious and can easily make anybody’s life hell due to multiple personality disorder which can’t make a person normal anymore. A lot of emotions, sentiments, disappointments, reactions and a lot of things we can easily find in this disorder to call other various problems. This problem is all about multiple personality disorder which sometimes clash and make a person abnormal and reacts differently in different and same cases. Sometimes due to the same and unclear of various information, a pro cannot judge or diagnose the root of the problem as well as the solution to eliminate the same.

Dissociative experiences scale can be found nine times in the females more than males due to their sensitive nature, deep thinking, and other various sorts of behaviour.


We should also need to think about the signs and symptoms of dissociative identity disorder so that we can quickly take that person to the best pro. Here are few or more problems which one should definitely know to determine whether a person is suffering from DID or not. Here they are-

Memory Lapses

Yes, a person suffering from DID can easily losses their memory and can’t remember the people, things, talks and anything at all. This creates other various serious problems and won’t allow a person to work sensibly at all. Even, a person may suffer from – Dissociative amnesia, dissociative identity disorder, depersonalization-derealization disorder and will forever all the day to day things along with the past.

Distinct personality

In dissociative identity disorder distinct or two or more personalities can be there in one individual, which is sometimes look abnormal. Such sort of personalities create different moods – sometimes good and sometimes bad – creates different problems over the time. Mood swings, frustration, not so sensible talks and other various issues can be there which can make any person impatient. Distinct personality can be very dangerous too, however, quick medical help is necessary.

Other mental health issues

Yes, a person who is suffering from DID, may also suffer from other various mental illness, including- high degree of depression, silence, anxiety, distress, and such sort of patients may harm to anybody in the house and surroundings as well as my attempt suicide. This can be a very serious problem, thus, it care and cure must be there as soon as possible.

There are various other issues and problems related with the DID, which can be controlled using Ketamine. As mind is a very complex organism, thus, in order to blocks the action of the neurotransmitter L-glutamate, pro may give a patient the same. How long does ketamine last? Well, it may be lasted up to 25 minutes which is mainly use for starting and maintaining anesthesia.

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