There are a number of car transport CRM software that auto shipping brokers use to better manage their business and gather useful data. If you are also starting a vehicle transport business then you have to have CRM software.

In this guide, we will tell you why it’s important to have a CRM and what the best CRM software that you can use is. So that said, let’s dive right into the good stuff.

Why Does a Car Transport Company Need CRM Software?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is one of the most commonly used tools across every industry and that includes car shipping space as well. It helps organizations better manage their relationships with customers and prospects.  

CRM is generally used by auto transport brokers because the carriers usually get their orders through a load board, which is a matching system connecting brokers with carriers. So brokers are the ones going through hoops to generate leads while carriers help them finish the sale by transporting their customer’s vehicles.

Another reason why car transport companies need a CRM is that it streamlines the customer management process including first-contact management, lead capturing, account management, and nurturing. All of these things help companies massively increase their sales.

Here’s the Best CRM Software for Auto Shipping:

If you are wondering what is the best CRM software for car transport companies then we’ve got one for you. Its name is JTracker and it is solely built for auto transport companies and is the most widely used CRM for auto shipping. So let’s talk a little about the features below:


Developed by the creators of Central Dispatch, which is an auto transport marketplace, JTracker is built solely to help auto carriers manage their customers and overall business more efficiently. From getting the leads to dispatching orders, JTracker helps car transport companies do everything from A-Z. Some features are:

  • Lead & Quote: With JTracker, you can receive customer inquiries and provide them with quotations right from a single dashboard. Whether you get queries via email, phone, or your website, JTracker can streamline them in a single place so you don’t have to do the hard work of filling your excel sheets with customer details. You can then reply to your customers using a personalized email and close more sales.
  • Quote Automation: Yes, you can also set up a pricing structure using tools that will help you update the lanes going to and from a particular state in the JTracker along with a pre-fixed price. This will help you send closely accurate quotes to your customers without having to employ a full customer support team.
  • Orders: You can make orders to carriers right from the JTracker platform by connecting it with Central Dispatch. You can also maintain order lists along with carriers that you do business with on a daily basis. You can keep detailed information about carriers including their insurance expiration and internal rating for performance.
  • Reports: You can have detailed reports that can include several metrics including the number of customers and carriers, their current balances, sales by a lead source or salesperson, active orders, and much more.

Parting Words:

If you are a car transport broker and want to make sure your business is better managed and you have data to take key decisions then having a CRM is an absolute necessity.

You can either get JTracker or look into Salesforce as well, which is an industry-leading CRM but it's not dedicated to auto shipping companies only, it’s for all industries.

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