All your actions in the future are the essence and reflection of the education you received when it is looked beyond the conventional boundaries. What you do is what you have learned and known to do through the instructions you received or with the help of thorough assimilation and observation. Even if you are not learning anything, your mind is constantly processing new information and analyzing the nuances and similarities of the context to make the topic different or stand out. This is why Avi Wachsler says that the mind has the potential to know more and it entirely depends on you when to stop or ignore that possibility of expanding your horizon of your knowledge.  

Such ignorance can be the result of self-doubt, economic constraints or other social and emotional factors. Most people feel that education is a necessity and use it as a specific tool to reach to a specific target or mark in personal life and feel that once that mark is reached there is no need for any further expansion of knowledge. On the contrary, the importance and significance of education are indispensable for you and the society at large. It is also cohering, and that is the primary reason that you cannot separate education and society as two completely different entities. Ignoring the role of education in your life is hard.

The purpose of education to the society can be primarily to empower the people. Good education makes you a strong person so that you can take care and look after you at any given situation, however, complicated it might seem to be. You are aware of your surroundings as well as all the rules and regulations related to it to make a good citizen of a given society. You know the right time and way to question the authority for their negligence in duties and any other discrepancies you may come across and ask protection for your rights, seek proper and relevant improvement in government and economic structural functioning. For all this development, you need to be aware of the government policies and identify your latent talent to sharpen your skills.

You also get dignity and financial stability in life due to proper education received. You have greater chance to get a suitable employment providing you with enough remuneration with which you can meet your personal needs as well as that of your family in the later stages. You also get the feel of the hardships you have to undergo for it and understand the real value of money to spend it wisely and thereby making you a responsible man. You learn to save for future contingencies, feel independent and not obligated to anyone.              

Proper education also improves the job efficiency as employers go for people who are more qualified for the specific post. That is why you should not neglect college education after you finish school. You need less time to learn the job if you are qualified enough and your education helps you to plan ahead for the future. Choosing your profession becomes easy which helps in faster growth and stability in your professional as well as personal life.   

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