The saga of Tiger Woods - his extraordinary rise to fame and fortune and his equally extraordinary fall from grace to depths of disgrace unknown by any sports figure in the history of the modern world was, as all things are, by design. Tiger Woods, as each of us, was born with a destiny already marked out for him by forces beyond his control and understanding. Why he was given such a destiny is known only to God, and while we are not in a position to judge, we can, nonetheless, look at his numbers to explain his destiny and answer the question, "Why would a man who ostensibly had everything - wealth, power, fame, name, a beautiful wife and children, as well as immense public acclaim - throw it all away in such a way that Shakespeare himself would find fodder for a human tragedy of unspeakable proportions?"


The fall of Tiger Woods in many ways eclipses those falls of other prominent personalities such as Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, O.J. Simpson and Bernie Madoff. For most of the world, Tiger's Saga of Tigresses came out of nowhere. Tiger Woods appeared to be the most wholesome of athletes, a good husband and father with an ostensibly squeaky-clean public image which made him hundreds of millions of dollars through high-powered sponsorships. Here was a sports figure who was, ostensibly again, truly a role model for all to admire, especially in the wake of other prominent individuals who experienced tragedy-laden lapses, some leading to their demise, especially Simpson and Madoff, as well as countless others throughout history.


The fact of the matter is that life is destined for all of us, and Tiger Woods' life, as well as his wife, Elin Nordegren, and their children, as well as the many alleged mistresses in this sad tale of a tiger, are no different. Says Saint Charan Singh, All men come into this world with a destiny of their own which goes on pushing them relentlessly on the course already marked out for them. Man is completely helpless. Then why worry?


Our destinies are known to us through our birth names and birth dates. This article will explore Tiger Woods' destiny as it relates to the numbers 5 & 6, correlating these personal numbers of his numerology chart with the events of his life and tragic decline.


Tiger's Primal Desires and the Number 5


Tiger Woods was born Eldrick Tont Woods on30 December 1975. This natal (birth) data houses the blueprint of his destiny. The nickname "Tiger" was given to him by his father in honor of one of his father's war buddies.


Within our natal names each of us has a set of desires which defines our needs, wants and motivations. It is these energies, defined by numbers, which drive us to perform certain acts. They are extremely powerful and occupy the core root of the individual. Tiger's most primal desires are marked by the number Five (5) whose attributes are freedom, detachment, sensuality, adventure, exploration, versatility, variety, excitement, experience, the five senses, motion and movement. This 5 is accompanied by a root of 32 ( 3 + 2 = 5), a social and party vibration indicating pleasure (3) with others and females (2). This 32-5 combination shows up again in Tiger's chart in multiple places. It is also interesting that the word mistress is a 32-5 energy, and the Soul of the word mistress is also a 5 - a perfect numerical representation for what a mistress is - a paramour seeking sexual gratification without restraint, often accepting financial favors as a quid pro quo for her services. The negative aspect of the 5 is risk-taking, recklessness, wildness, intemperance and slavery - the opposite side of the 5 energy's freedom aspect. It is these qualities that help fuel Tiger Woods' primal needs. He desires excitement, adventure, variety, motion and sensual experience. Anyone with a 5 Soul [the "Soul" is the numerology label for these primal desires], will also share these same needs and motivations to some degree.


Tiger's Secondary Desires and the Number 6


Each of us also has a second desire within our natal data which augments our primal desire. It is labeled the Material Soul or MS. Tiger's Material Soul is a 6, the energy of romance, personal love, sex, nurturing. Furthermore, this 6 has a 33 master number root which is, arguably, the most sexual of all master numbers. Master numbers are binary numbers of the same digit such as 11, 22, 33, 44 and so forth. They are extremely powerful, much like nuclear energy in which their negative aspects are as equally destructive as their positive aspects are constructive.


The 33 master energy, when unchecked and unrestrained, is notably present in the charts of those individuals who have fallen from grace or experienced difficulties in their lives due to sensual and sexual gratification and addiction. This 33 energy is a major player in the Woods' saga. His "Humpty-Dumpty-esque" fall occurred when he was 33 years old (matching his Material Soul energy), and his first alleged mistress, Rachel Uchitel, carries a 33 energy in her last name, "Uchitel." Besides this energy, the name "Rachel Uchitel" also manifests a 5 Soul which is identical to Tiger's 5 Soul energy. The name "Rachel" manifests a 6 Soul, again matching Tiger's 6 Material Soul. The presence of these numbers in both their charts creates a natural intrinsic resonance between them as people. This "numeric resonance" is one of the keys to love and attraction which is explained in The 5 Minute Lover: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves and Relationships in 5 Minutes.


The 5 and 6 as a combination governing one's desires, needs and wants is the most powerful set of numbers manifesting potentially unrestrained sensual and sexual interests, a variety of lovers, risk-taking, "partying" behaviors and pleasurable indulgences. Anyone with this 5-6 numerical set in their Soul and Material Soul respectively will have highly similar desires as Tiger Woods. It is this 5-6 combination which also creates an attraction between Woods and Uchitel as mentioned. The problem is that the 5 energy seeks variety and multiple experiences and therefore does not bode well for a faithful, devoted, long term and monogamous relationship. Exceptions do exist, but the lives and events of both Woods and Uchitel have exemplified the essence of what the 5 and 6 energy in tandem represent in general terms -- a variety of lovers and love experiences.


Intensity and Stacking


When a person's chart simultaneously contains the same number (energy) in various components, stacking occurs. Stacking is the simultaneous occurrence of the same number within a chart. Stacking creates intensity. It's like standing in the middle of multiple fires, not just one, all at the same time. For Tiger, the number 5 is present in more than just his Soul, thus adding to the 5's intensity and exacerbating its energies and characteristics. He also carries a 5 in his Material Nature (MN) - one of the components of the Basic Matrix of The King's Numerology. This 5 Material Nature defines his personality and manner of doing things. Coupled with his 5 desire energy, this is a potent example of stacking creating further intensity of the Five's fire. With this much 5 energy fueling a person's primal desires and personality, it would be most challenging to not stray or seek gratification in a variety of ways.


There's still more. The name "Tiger" is also a 5 and a 32-5 at that! As we recall, the 32-5 occupied the Soul component of Tiger's birth name, Eldrick Tont Woods. Additionally, the Soul energy of the name "Tiger" is also a 5! Thus, Tiger Woods' numerology chart generates a sepstack (stack of seven; also referred to as a septuple stack) of 5 energy in multiple places:


Stacking of the Number 5 in the Woods' Saga


1. His Natal Soul

2. His Material Nature

3. The name Tiger

4. The Soul of the name Tiger

5. The word Mistress

6. The Soul of Mistress

7. The Soul of Rachel Uchitel


This septuple stacking of 5 energy creates enormous intensity of all that the 5 represents. It also reveals how interrelated our destinies are. Anyone with this combination would have a most challenging time managing his or her sexual/sensual energy. This is not to excuse Tiger Woods for his behaviors, but it is to explain them and to help answer the question of his reckless amorous behavior with its deleterious results, "Why?"


Tiger and Elin's Marriage


Successful marriages exude a resonance of numerical energy as explained in The 5 Minute Lover: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves and Relationships in 5 Minutes. When there is a large amount of like-kind energy between two people in their combined charts, the marriage union is strong and lasting. However, when there is a lack of like-kind energy, the marriage is at risk of disruption and dissolution.


Professionally speaking, and if destiny could be altered, which it can't, the marriage between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren was not a good mixing and matching of energies, and the result is as the world is now seeing, tragically.


If two people are going to be happy and fulfilled in their marriage, both of their most internal drives, needs and wants must be satisfied. As we have seen, Tiger Woods' desires are motivated heavily by 5 energy. This is what he needs to be fulfilled and content. Yet, the numerology chart of Elin Nordegren (born: Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegrenon1 January 1980) has no 5 energy whatsoever in her Basic Matrix. Thus, Tiger's 5 energy has no reflection in her chart. Her chart is basically indifferent to the desires that motivate him. There is no corresponding reverberation or reciprocity of his basic needs, wants and desires emanating from her chart.


Compounding this, their Mixed energies - those which describe the relationship and marriage - are also devoid of 5 energy. This creates a painful scenario for both of them. Through no fault of either of them, Tiger was simply unfulfilled and deeply lacking in resonant energy in his marriage, which is why he has commented that his marriage was boring. To him it was because the total lack of 5 energy created a void lacking the kind of excitement and adventure he intrinsically needs. Had both Tiger and Elin married a partner whose energies were more compatible with their own, this marriage would most likely have endured and the whole sad saga of Tiger Woods would never have materialized. Yet, this is a hypothetical situation and unrealistic from a destiny standpoint. Perhaps the silver lining in all this is that both Tiger and Elin will look more deeply into their intrinsic needs and seek professional counseling as to what, in fact, constitutes an enduring and fulfilling marriage numerologically. If their destinies do not allow this, then perhaps their story will motivate others to seek answers before any nuptial knots are tied, thus avoiding the heartache, heartbreak, sadness, suffering, tragedy and tumult of divorce and all of its attending agonies and miseries, creating instead a loving, fulfilling and harmonious union.


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