For centuries, men have put themselves in danger’s way to develop and improve societies through building cities and mining for natural resources. This has contributed to industrialisation and modernization of society to better improve the productivity in numerous work environments, including ones that were once considered to be extremely dangerous.

Even though the addition of machinery has helped decrease the levels of dangerousness in work environments, such as construction and mining industries, there is still no 100% guarantee of safety and no hazard risk to workers trying to earn an honest living.

Sadly, in South Africa, there are high levels of unemployment and uneducated workers, who apply to work in dangerous work environments to earn an honest living and be able to provide for their families. They become employed in construction and mining industries with little to no experience or knowledge beforehand, and with little knowledge of what to do if they are faced with a hazard.

Fortunately, society has become a lot more aware of potential dangers that these hard workers are putting themselves into, and so try to decrease the levels of ignorance in others, especially in organizations employing these men. One such organization that has been able to formally express their concerns and share their knowledge of hazardous factors is Pinpoint Health and Safety. They have recognized the lack of knowledge and skills in workers being employed to work in these dangerous environments, the lack of safety precautions within the work environment itself, as well as the shortage of Health and Safety Consultants in South Africa who are trying to make a difference to the lives of workers at risk.

As a result of this recognition, Pinpoint Health and Safety has been actively helping organizations become more aware and conscious about the levels of safety in the environments they put their workers into. They have been making a difference one step at a time by providing South Africa with Health and Safety Consultants with proper training and skills to be able to analyse a workplace for potential hazards and provide organizations with safety inspections to be able to guarantee a basis of safety to workers who will be in that environment.

Not only has Pinpoint Health and Safety been able to increase public awareness of potential dangers that hard workers are faced with in these environments, but they have been able to raise the standards of organizations employing these workers by providing them with a service that looks out for the best interests of the workers being put at risk.

Pinpoint Health and Safety has also been able to make a difference to the level of preparation of workers before being put into a hazardous environment. They have provided workers with training packages, which allow them access to necessary knowledge and skills, as well as safety precautions and preparations, so every worker is completely ready to be put into the work environment prior to entering it. By doing this, they not only eliminate potential hazards and risks that the workers may experience without having prior knowledge, but they also help increase the organization’s productivity levels and decrease safety hazards in the workplace. But, most importantly, by providing the uneducated workers with the training and preparation, they have given these workers a guarantee of safe return back home to their families, whilst beforehand this may not have been a guaranteed possibility.

What Pinpoint Health and Safety has been able to achieve is not only the improvement of health and safety standards in work places, but has also been able to make a change in the lives of every hard worker putting themselves in danger to make an honest living. They have started out small-scale in Cape Town, but have received high success levels to be able to expand themselves to 7 more branches around South Africa, trying to encourage high safety standards in businesses, educating workers, and in doing so, help improve the skill levels, knowledge, and all-in-all, livelihoods of every worker that is prepared to work in a dangerous environment. In doing this, Pinpoint Health and Safety have taken on the responsibility to show these organizations the society’s growing recognition, concern and compassion towards the hard workers, who are potentially putting their lives in danger to help the countrygrow and develop. Pinpoint Health and Safety have received their success as a result of their increased efforts to reduce society’s ignorance towards health and safety regulations, and as a result of this, have improved productivity levels of businesses, increased the levels of education of workers, and most importantly, have increased the health and safety standards in businesses all over South Africa, without meeting which businesses involved in construction are no longer permitted to operate.


Pinpoint Health and Safety

‘Instead of enforcing what not to do we focus on teaching how to do safely’

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