We all have some old piece of furniture, whether it is a couch, dinner chairs, or even headboards. But what do we do with these old items?  

Whether the furniture has some deep-seated meaning, or whether you are just unable to afford new furniture, there are numerous excuses not to toss out our old worn-out furniture.  

So how do we make our old furniture look newer, more up-scale, and still keep the same couch or chairs?   

Couch re-upholstery is becoming increasingly popular nowadays due to our inflated economy, and furniture being priced very high, so more and more people find it cost-effective to re-upholster their old couches instead of throwing them out and replacing them with new ones. 

But not everyone can re-upholster their own old furniture. It requires a tedious amount of work and accuracy to make it look as good as new. So who do we turn to? 

Luckily, there are upholstery suppliers in Cape Town that can provide you with a good-as-new-looking couch, chairs, etc., whilst sticking to an affordable budget. One problem is, you need to look in to the standards of work that these companies provide before trusting them with your possessions. We, as customers, want to be involved and be assured that our furniture won't break, or that the materials used by the companies are of good quality. And not all companies can guarantee a good personal relationship between them and the customers, as to ensure they can come in at any time and see the work in progress. 

One upholstery supplier in Cape Town that really has come to stand out above the rest is Upholstery Works. They are a highly organized, well-trained business that supports a good atmosphere between the company and their customers. They encourage customers to come in at any point in time and see their standards of work, see how they handle the furniture and listen intently to their client's wants when it comes to re-upholstering their furniture.

Upholstery Works does take into account their customer's budget and their desires for furniture, and work towards providing their clients with their best available materials and best work to ensure no customer leaves dissatisfied. They have a number of great feedback from customers who trusted them with their furniture- they were happy and satisfied with the furniture they got to take home.

We don't necessarily need to run to the shops every time some item of ours looks run-down, torn or scratched. There are ways to re-use our old items and possessions without needing to throw them out. This is exactly what Upholstery Works encourages- re-using our possessions in a manner that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Re-upholstering furniture saves so much of it from being dumped out and lost.

What Upholstery Works does is create a new edge and style to old items of furniture that you haven't been able to imagine it being before. They create something unique and personal to you without it costing large sums of money. 

Isn't that what we look for? Not to necessarily throw out all old possessions, but to find a cost-effective way to make them look new. This is exactly the mentality that Upholstery Works upholds and uses this to it utmost potential to provide clients with the highest quality materials and furniture to meet their demands and expectations, and not let any client leave dissatisfied.  

Upholstery Works


'we are proud of the achievements we have made in providing our clients with top of the range manufactured furniture or top quality re-upholstery' 

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