The mesh is used for many purposes. From straining your pasta to build a concrete wall, conveyor belts, and other industrial purposes, the mesh is used. The beautiful landscapes and designs in the garden are also made of mesh wiring. The mesh is an interconnected framework made of steel or aluminum. It is a framework made from several strands for the purpose of safety and strength. The strands can be welded, connected by pins or extruded. Use of mesh framework is gaining popularity due to many reasons. The primary being its easy installation, light weight, and cost effectiveness.

With the increase in popularity of using mesh as a framework, many companies are now producing quality cable and wire mesh like DongGuanCandurs Cable Mesh Systems Co.,Ltd. The benefits of using it are varied. They are fast and simple to install with the minimum tools required for it. The strength of the mesh is very strong. The designing of the mesh can be by the requirement. For delicate usage like in telecom cables, the sharp edges can be eliminated. Most importantly, it is light in weight leading to time-saving installation.

Not only in commercial places but the mesh is also used extensively in residences as well. Wire mesh is mostly seen as screens in doors and windows. It can also be used in fencing as it is easy to bend and strong as well. Room dividers, shelving and even in plumbing too mesh can be used. The wide variety of its opening sizes is the prime reason for its varied use both in residential and commercial purposes. As wires of Candurs Cable Mesh Systems Co.,Ltd are available in galvanized form to prevent corrosion, it is very durable too. The mesh can also be used in a kitchen strainer used to strain the pasta or noodles.   

There are different types of Cable Mesh Systems available in the market. The soft and woven mesh has very small openings and is often called the wire cloth. They are mainly used for doors and window screens, porch and patio enclosure. The sturdy and strong welded meshes are used for heavy duty jobs for providing security in commercial and industrial premises. Knit wire mesh often called as chicken wire is primarily used for the enclosures for livestock. The material used can also be different. It can be made from steel or iron.

The use of stainless steel rope mesh is mostly found in zoos. These are typically handmade mesh for steel ropes. The two different types available in it are knotted and ferruled mesh. The primary use of such mesh is in the wild animal and ocean parks, animal cages and bird netting. It is also used in garden decoration and construction. The reason for its preference in animal containment due to its strength, rust proof nature, softness, fatigue and impact resistance capability.  So, mesh, be it made of steel or iron, has become the primary ingredient to provide strength and security to all in residence and industries due to its more than one beneficial feature.

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