Health is a prime concern of today and having juice is a great source of required nutrition. If it is done correctly, juicing can be a good diet supplement. You are required to have fruits and vegetables five to six times a day which would help you to prevent different illness and serious diseases. It is essential for people of all ages to maintain a healthy regime full of calories, vitamins, minerals and all required ingredients to live a disease free life. Therefore, the prime requisite is a good juicer but given all the varieties and types of juicers in the market, choosing the right one by reading the masticating juicers reviews may be the right way to do this tricky and arduous task easily.  

It may be difficult and monotonous for you or for your child to have whole fruits and vegetables and therefore juicing can be a great alternative. For this, you can use the best masticating juicers which are somewhat better than centrifugal ones and there are certain things which you must keep in mind before buying a masticating juicer. There are things like the speed of the juicer, single or double auger juicer, its force, maintenance procedure and much more have to be checked and considered before buying. Apart from these you also have to carefully consider the form and size of the juicer so that you get the desired result every time you use the juicer.

One reason for choosing top rated masticating juicers over centrifugal juicers is that it does not rotate too fast to build up heat which in turn neutralizes the enzymes and different vitamins in the fruit or vegetable juice. The speed of the masticating juicers is slow and up to eighty revolutions per minute. This slow speed of the juicer chews through the fruits and vegetables to produce more juice and less froth and heat keeping the vitamins and enzymes intact within the juice. You get pulp-free juice making it tasty.

Masticating juicers come in single auger or double auger variants. When it comes to masticating juicers comparison, the single geared ones are more prone to malfunction though it is cheaper than the double-geared ones. Also, it is not useful for juicing large quantity of fruits or vegetables. On the other hand, double geared ones are suitable for juicing large quantities of fruits and vegetables including wheatgrass, leafy vegetables and much more and take the heavy workload. Choose a small size juicer as you have to push fruits and juices down a chute and it may get clogged which needs immediate dismantling.  


Proper juicing requires slow and easy grinding and masticating juicers are the best for this purpose. It also comes with dual speed and speeds switching mode which is required to juice fruits. The motor of the juicers are tough and produces the required torque even at slow speed generating enough force. When you clean the juicer, you must be very careful as it contains delicate parts and therefore while buying you must choose a juicer which can be easily disintegrated. Run the juicer in the reverse motion while running a maintenance check.



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