In the present time, everything you see around you comes with a specific technological connotation in it. It can be in your home, school, and workplace or even on the road; technology has made a serious impression in your life. It has not only become an integral part but has also changed several arenas of life including the field of education. AviWachsler suggests that the use of educational technology has proved as a boon to the students from all over the world. This invention and the inclusion of modern education method has not only benefited the regular educational settings but has also helped a lot in educating specially-abled students as well.

Educational technology has a much broader perspective than it apparently seems. It can also be termed as the learning or instructional technology as this method plays an important role in developing the process of learning in a child. It also helps the teachers in making effective communication with the students in an easy way. One significant benefit of such technology is that it can be within or outside the classroom even. It has dramatically changed the way of knowledge imparting and made the most stereotypical and probably boring classroom image to a more interesting and modern setting of learning.  

The educational technology involves a lot of computer usage and different software programs which provide the relevant materials for learning and thereby changing the modus operandi to a great extent. It has benefited all in ways more than one and all have been in the positive sense. Remembering and learning is easy with visual and technological help in such virtual classrooms, the style and speed of teaching have also changed. Students can have better and newer updates which are available easily on the internet. They can also get knowledge beyond their textbooks as there are a plethora of reference sites for the same subject and similar topic.

Teachers can plan their classes and the topics to be taught each day with the help of the software available. There are various other ways which are simple enough for a student to understand a topic and such methods can be used by the teachers as well. Moreover, online classrooms have broken the myth and the barrier that education is meant for the elite class of people only as now anyone and everyone can access the internet and gather information about a certain topic. Exchange of ideas and opinions have also crossed the geographical limits, and one can enrich their knowledge to a considerable extent with a wide, extensive and global view.

Students now do not have to carry heavy backpacks to carry their textbooks which are often very heavy. Tablets, pen drives, and other handy but lightweight devices can be used now. Students can avail virtual classroom training from any teacher from any part of the world as well. Therefore, with the use of technology in education, it has not only benefited the students as well as the teachers but has also made teaching and learning an enjoyable experience.  

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